PK24 Review

Vaginal tightening creams are a great solution to the problem of vaginal slackness, but with many products to choose from it can be difficult to know which creams really work.

PK24 is one of the popular vaginal tightening creams on the market. Sold as a “24 hour tightening cream”, PK24 is designed for daily use to see tightening results.

We compared it with V-Tight gel, a leading vaginal tightening cream to find out which is more effective for combating vaginal slackness,dryness and overall health.

Tightening Effect

PK24 suggests that a tightening effect will kick in around 10 minutes after application, and will last up to 24 hours. They stress that PK24 is only a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

V-Tight gels effects can be felt in as little as a few minutes after application, allowing for an instant tightening effect. But V-Tight gel also focuses on long term vaginal health by improving elasticity and blood flow, so may offer a long term tightening effect.


V-Tight gel makes it very clear exactly what ingredients it contains, and what those ingredients are used for.

The ingredients of PK24 are listed on the website, but it is not clear exactly what the ingredients are used for. The key ingredients are:

“Aloe barbadensis leaf, a soothing plant extract; glycerin, a natural moisturizing ingredient; and alum potassium, a naturally occurring mineral”

As you can see none of these mention a specific tightening effect. Aloe barbadensis leaf is also known as aloe vera which is known to help moisturise/.

You might recognise Glycerin as an ingredient in many soaps. It is used in home made face masks and beauty products as a moisturiser.

Alum Potassium is an ingredient that is strangely commonly found in deodorants.

V-Tight gel make it very clear why they have chosen their key ingredients specifically to aid in tightening the vagina, but we found PK24 to be lacking in their reasons behind using their key ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback on PK24 is very mixed, with some women being happy with the results and others going as far as to describe it as “snake oil”.

“…It did absolutely nothing. Hubby said it didn’t feel at all different. Tried it twice with telling him I used it and once not telling him. Still no difference. It’s snake oil, and don’t waste your time and money.”

V-Tight gel reviews seem overall more positive:

“I can feel the tightening effect during intercourse. So does my partner. The gel is easy to apply and I was well lubricated during the whole intercourse. “

The Winner

If you want a longer lasting tightening effect, with very positive customer feedback, we would definitely recommend V-Tight gel over PK24 as a vaginal tightening cream.

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