How to tighten your vaginal muscles

Are your sexual encounters with your partner not the same since you had a child? Or perhaps you are not as tight down below as you would like to be. Well do not feel bad. This is a common problem with women, particularly amongst those of a certain age, or if you have had children.

Theres no need to worry I’ll bet you did not know that there are certain creams that can fix all of your problems with just a few applications. Now if you have talked with your doctor about this situation they might have suggested certain forms of exercise referred to as “Kegels,” or even worse they might have directed you to a plastic surgeon for radical and unnecessary surgery.

Please before you take any kind of drastic step take your time and think about what you are going to do. Hopefully this article will show you that there is an alternative that you and you doctor might not have even thought of.

tighten your vaginal muscles

What are kegels?

Let me explain quickly what Kegels are just in case you have never heard of them. They are not commonly known outside of the medical profession or child birthing classes. Basically after you have had a child you vaginal wall can be stretched out quite a bit.

Most women liken child birth to passing a bowling ball through your mouth, that is how much it hurts and pulls the walls apart. So after a few weeks have passed you can start doing this muscle toning and tightening workout called Kegels.

It is a method where you lie on the floor, and with your knees bent, you contract your pelvic muscle for several seconds. You are supposed to do this about 10 to 15 times everyday, and that is it, you simply move your hips in an up and own motion while contracting.

Do they tighten vaginal muscles?

Well, I’m sorry to say but although kegels do have a small effect over the long term, they take a long time to show results and will not do much to get your vaginal walls back to a tightness you enjoyed before childbirth.

My suggestion is to look at over the counter gels and creams, that can not only tighten your vagina, but also enhance in the lubrication process during intercourse. They take seconds to apply, and creams like V-Tight gel work in minutes for an almost instant tightening effect.Now does that not sound like a much better way to go then lying on the floor and squeezing your butt 15 times a day?

It is also a much safer alternative to have plastic surgery which a lot of women think is the only way to go these day.

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