Does Vinegar Make Your Vagina Tighter?

I see this question being asked time and time again when it comes to getting a tighter vaginal. Does vinegar really tighten the vagina? Lets first take a look at how its supposed to be used then we will answer the question as to whether it really works.

Vinegar has been used as a traditional vaginal tightening remedy for years. Women added vinegar to bathwater and bathed in it for up to 30 minutes. Anecdotal evidence suggested it tightened up the vaginal skin.

So does it really work? Sadly I believe this is an old wives tale. If it really worked we’d all be doing it because vinegar is so cheap to buy! There is no scientific evidence that vinegar does anything to tighten up the vagina. Even if it did, the effect wouldn’t last long.

There are relatively well known herbal remedies that do work, such as witch hazel. This herb is known to constrict and tighten skin and has been used in many vaginal tightening preparations.

The trouble with making your own herbal remedy is getting the right amount of ingredients to be effective whilst not using too much. If you apply too much of anything to your delicate vaginal skin you run the risk of causing infections and disturbing the PH of your vagina.

It is much safer and less hassle to use such herbs in a ready made form. If you buy a tightening cream such as V-Tight gel you get powerful all natural herbs like witch hazel,oak gall and mirofirm in the right quantities to tighten you up quickly and easily. Plus its not messy to apply, it gets absorbed quickly.

V-Tight gel also wards off common vaginal infections and helps with lubrication, as dryness sometimes comes hand in hand with a slack vagina.

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